The Last Lemon


When life gives you a lemon

Well, if life gives you a lemon at all

From where do these actually fall?

Anyhow, I got some showered upon me too

Though in count they were few

What did I do of these citrus blasts?

Ah! One I stepped on for my past

Another one was rather green

Not ripe, yet very sour

Pickle I thought

In a jar

As soon as I was going to get in one

I steered away my car!

Thank god… superstition saved me

As I flaunted a lemon-haar

I also got one in a margarita

Asked the waiter whether it’s fresh

He said: the lemon is

Once again, the lemon saved my soul

And my stomach too

Here is the story of the last one

I bought one from the hawker

To squeeze it in the eyes of a stalker

Now I don’t know whether it was the lemon or his eyes

For that last lemon I paid a heavy price!


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